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Top 13 Reasons for Choosing an E-Bike!

E-bikes are a rapidly emerging technology, and many people just see them as another fad. But what if we told you they had numerous advantages over both normal bikes and cars?

Mirrorstone e-bike in park

We get it; an Electric Bike can be a bit of an investment. Most people rely on their cars for a whole range of different journeys: shopping, commuting, or other journeys around town. People often shun bikes for a whole range of reasons – but an e-bike can bridge the gap between the two, and offer plenty of compelling reasons to choose an e-bike over a car, or conventional bike.

UK law clearly states that an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’, or EAPC, is legal to ride in the UK, if it follows certain regulations. Fortunately, ours follow every single one. They include:

  • EAPCs must have pedals that can propel the bike
  • The power output or manufacturer must be clearly displayed
  • It must also display either the battery’s voltage or the maximum speed
  • The motor must have a maximum power output of 250w
  • It cannot propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph

With these in mind, let’s see what the benefits are to having this kind of vehicle…

No Longer Unattractive

For all the amazing benefits that electric bikes offer, a major thing that put people off was their appearance. E-bikes used to be clunky and heavy, and really stood out when compared to normal bikes. No longer – both motor and battery technology has improved to the extent that electric bikes are far less obvious in appearance. In fact, our bikes weigh just 18kg, so you have nothing to worry about when transporting them.

Hills Are No Longer an Uphill Struggle

What a nightmare hills can be when you cycle. Especially if you’re after a nice relaxing ride, hills can really take it out of you. Luckily, electric-bikes are there to pick up the slack. Just allow the motor to give you a bit of a helping hand, and riding uphill can be a much more pleasurable task.

Much Cheaper Than Cars

We know electricity isn’t free, which is why e-bikes cost more to run than virtually free conventional bikes. But as you can replace your car in many circumstances with an e-bike, better comparisons can be made there, instead. Think of all the costs of running a car – purchase price, road tax, insurance, petrol, maintenance etc… It adds up very quickly, and even public transport can get expensive, too.

An e-bike, however, costs just a few pence worth of electricity to charge the battery, and can propel you for about 30 miles before running out of juice. This can be perfect for commutes into town, or nipping to the shops quickly.

Greener Than Cars

Think of all the carbon emissions that cars give off – in fact, isn’t that why we pay so much road tax? Fumes from petrol and diesel engines fill the air, and global warming is a major threat. That’s why electric vehicles are so much better, as electrical energy is much greener. And if your supplier uses green sources, your commute can be renewable, too!

Man on Bike

Go Shopping On an E-Bike

Okay, so you probably can’t do a weekly shop for a family of five, and fit it into a bike’s basket. But an e-bike is perfect for those odd dashes to the shop when you need something for dinner, or fancy a snack. Not only will you get the previously mentioned benefits such as reduced travel costs, you can enjoy a relaxing jaunt to the shops, and allow the motor to kick in later on to help push your laden bike. This means you won’t get tired trying to lug your bike full of shopping, and you won’t be spending loads of money on travelling to the supermarket. It’s a win-win all round.

Falling Behind? No More!

Many people like cycling with others, either as family days out, or as a group of more serious cyclists. However, sometimes, you may not be on pace, and you may not be able to keep up with others. An electric bike is perfect for this, as the slower, or less fit of us can rely on the motor slightly and still enjoy a social time out with friends and family.

Family on Bikes

A Much More Enjoyable Commute

On one hand, you have a conventional bike, where a longer-distance commute can lead to fatigue before you’re even at work. On the other hand, you have the car, where you are stuck in traffic, causing plenty of pollution. Go for the sensible option, where you can happily cycle past traffic with the help from the motor, for a stress-free, tiredness-free commute. Arrive at work more alert, and feel good about the exercise you have had.

Long Bike Rides Feel Much Quicker

Ever been on a long bike ride with the intention of having a lovely day, but then halfway round you feel the tiredness settle in, and you end up getting off and walking for long sections to get your breath back?

With an e-bike, you don’t need to worry about your fitness letting you down, because the motor doesn’t. With a 30-mile range, it’s there to help you out throughout your journey, prolonging your ride and leaving you in better spirits.

Arriving at Work On Time? No Sweat!

Normally, a concern with cycling to work is arriving all sweaty because you’ve wrapped up, or had to wear a suit. Sometimes, you have to choose between arriving drenched in sweat, or arriving drenched in rain, because your coat makes you too warm. Well, with an e-bike, concerns about sweat are a thing of the past. Because you exert far less energy, you can wear an outfit more representative of the weather, because you won’t be working as hard.

Improve Your Fitness, Even If You Usually Struggle

A number one reason for using an e-bike is often for those recovering from cardiovascular issues, or other injuries. This is because you can exercise rather mildly, thanks to the motor, but still feel as if you’re fully exercising.  Therefore, you can take it easy, but still get a decent level of exercise. Also, you can step it up and use less of the motor, but you have it as backup if you struggle later on. This goes for those with other fitness issues too, as it’s a fantastic way to ease into exercise, and to keep stepping it up.

Man on bike next to sunset

Safer Than Conventional Bikes

Most accidents involving bikes take place at junctions. This is often because cyclists cannot accelerate as quickly as cars. With the motor, however, you get much more improved acceleration, so you can get out of the way much quicker. With quicker acceleration, a cyclist is less likely to be annoyed about slowing down, and so will corner better, and is less likely to jump onto pavements and through red lights.

Also, because you’re able to keep up with traffic with less effort, vehicles will be less inclined to overtake you, so you can ride much more safely.

Ride More Often

According to figures from the Transport Research Laboratory, e-bikes are a much bigger incentive to get people riding their bikes. 46% of people with conventional bikes ride them just once or twice a week, compared to 81% of those with e-bikes. In fact, 30% of those with e-bikes use them every single day!

This means they’re fantastic for getting you out and exercising, and keeping fit and healthy.

Park Where You Want

Finally, their convenience when travelling into town cannot be understated. You can go straight to where you want to go – no waiting in traffic, or circling around for a parking space, or paying for parking. Just pull up, lock up, and enjoy.

Many public transport services allow bikes on-board for those extra-long journeys, so there are very few compelling reasons to stay with a car. In fact, with Halfords dubbing 2017 the “year of the e-bike”, after a 220% sales increase, it may be that conventional bikes and cars face a new threat – the humble electric bike.

If you need any extra information on any of our electric bikes, or e-bikes in general, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0116 321 4123, email us on, or check out our Facebook and Twitter.

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