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Mirrorstone Bikes Manufacturer

Our Mirrorstone Bike division has been created to sell and support electric bike products by building on our 10+ year of experience within the technology and retail sectors. Electric bikes are a fairly recent innovation and Mirrorstone are meeting the challenges to create a comprehensive range of affordable electric bikes that perform to a high standard.

The story

The history of Mirrorstone as a manufacturer and company is relatively brief, however the amount they have achieved in this short time is quite considerable. Established in 2010, Mirrorstone started as a manufacturer of semiconductor lighting and within 5 years has become one of largest distributors of low energy LED Lighting in the UK. More recently it has expanded the scope of its operation to include heating solutions and automation. In 2014 it launched its very own range of electric bikes sold exclusively by

The ethos

Mirrorstone has a concise but solid ethos: commitment to quality and value. Mirrorstone ensures quality in all its products by investing in only the highest quality components and manufacturing processes. Their products are manufactured in accordance with EU regs and undergo rigorous quality control checks before they reach the end user. To support this claim Mirrorstone products are routinely given a 5 year guarantee.

As well as quality, Mirrorstone are committed to value. Through economy of scale and a savvy approach to manufacturing, Mirrorstone ensure their products at the best possible price without compromising on quality. There is a tendency for associating low prices with a 'cheap product', but for Mirrorstone this isn't the case. Their products are affordable, but, despite this fact, they are a good build and reliable.

The product

The demand for electric bikes has increased in recent years and Mirrorstone has moved quickly to meet this demand with a range of affordable electric bikes. The range currently consists of 6 lines with more to follow. Each line is available in a range of colours and options for battery size.

The main feature of these bikes is the motor, which is ultimately its chief selling point. Electric bikes offer motor assisted propulsion, which means the bike can be pedalled like a normal bike, but it can also be powered by the motor with less exertion. Mirrorstone have spent time developing a range of motors and batteries that are not only reliable, but also last. The batteries charge quickly and will power the bike for many miles before an additional charge is required.