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Electric Bike Sizes Per Riders Height

You can effectively get two bikes in one with our Vintage Dutch Style Electric Bike – an excellent, regular bike and the power of an e-bike that can speed you around at 15mph! They say that simple things are just like riding a bike, and riding an electric bike really is just as easy.

If you want to switch the motor off and ride it normally, you can. However, if you want the thrill and the freedom of the electric motor, you can engage the pedal assist and really feel the breeze through your hair!

This means you don’t need to concern yourself with hills, or bumpy terrain, because you can relax and let your cycle do the majority of the work. They are also popular with older people who may have joint problems, and can also be a massive help to those recovering from cardiac problems.

Alternatively, you can also go for the separately sold throttle and leave the motor to do all the work for you.

Mirrorstone Electric Bike Basket

It’s Not Just Speed, It’s Practical Too!

Sometimes, with these specialist bicycles, you don’t always get the full package. Well, with this one, you do.

The little things have been taken into account, such as the optional premium quality woven basket with dimensions of 335mm width, 240mm in length and 230mm depth.

This gives you a particularly useful 18.5 litres capacity, meaning there’s plenty of room for your belongings or shopping.

Plus, it won’t suddenly fall off your bike, as the top-quality clamps hold it securely to the bike, for peace of mind.

However, if you’re not a fan of the basket, it’s completely detachable, to give you the choice.

Mirrorstone Electric Bike Tyre

They’re Wheely Good

The huge 26” wheels give excellent traction, whether you are riding on concrete or mud. Coupled with the fairly chunky tyres, you get a smooth, comfortable ride with plenty of grip.

You can stop with complete confidence due to the quality TEKTRO front disc brake and rear V brake. The strong, robust brakes mean that you stop when you want, without it being jerky.

The frame of the bicycle is extremely well-built, weighing 18.5kg, so it feels durable yet light enough to carry. For safety reasons, the wires are completely hidden away in the frame of the bike, so no unsightly wires can be trapped in the spokes of your wheels. The brown leather saddle is comfortable and adjustable, and matches the grippy handlebars.

Mirrorstone Electric Bike Battery

One Powerful Bike!

This isn’t some clunky e-bike with a fat motor on its rear. The sleek battery casing sits above the rear wheel in a secure bracket, nice and discreet, and can last up to 30 miles on a single charge, with no random cut-outs.

In addition, it doesn’t take too long to charge either, approximately just two hours, so you can be up and riding in hardly any time at all.

The 10.4AH lithium battery powers an impressive 250W motor on the front, to really drive the bicycle forwards. It can push you to a speed of 15mph, or give you some invaluable assistance when pushing up those hills.

Mirrorstone Electric Bike Gears

Get in Gear

An electric bike is great, but a good set of gears is essential to really make the most of your ride.

Luckily, this Dutch Style bicycle is equipped with a Shimano Nexus 7 Speed gear derailleur.

Say goodbye to difficult pedalling, as this gear system will make it so much easier thanks to a wide gear ratio total difference of 244%.

Whether you’re whizzing around on flat roads, or pedalling uphill in the countryside, this e-bike will keep you in top gear.

Mirrorstone Electric Bike LCD Display

Stay in the Loop

Always know what’s going down with your Vintage style cycle thanks to the brilliantly informative LCD display. Packed with helpful features, the screen is situated on the handlebars as standard. Without being distracting, the bright display shows you, amongst other options:

  • Battery Level;
  • Current Speed;
  • Trip Distance/Total Distance;
  • Average Speed;
  • Assistance-Level.

Check out the full guide on how to master the LCD display, to make sure you’re making the most out of your new e-bike.

No Need to Worry

When you buy one of our fantastic electric bikes, you are covered by our 14-day refunds and exchanges policy, in case you reconsider. The bike must be in reselling condition, and if it has been road-tested, will be subject to a small 15% restocking fee. You can use this form for a refund or exchange.

Each part of the bicycle has its own warranty. Covered by a 1 year warranty is the controller and charger. With a lengthy 2-year warranty, the battery and electric motor are protected. The sturdy frame gets a 3-year warranty.

Although rare, if your bike arrives damaged, then let us know within 24 hours of delivery.

If you need any help with anything you’ve seen on our online store, then don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 321 4123, or email You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter.

Need Help? Call Us On 01163 214 123

Additional Information

Product Code (UPC/EAN) MS-TDF01Z
Suitable Rider Height 5ft 4 - 6ft 4
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Front Suspension YES
Battery Weight 2.56kg
Frame Weight 18.5kG
Available Colours Sky Blue
Driving Distance > 30 Miles (in optimal conditions)
Installed Battery 36V/10.4AH Lithium Battery
Battery Lock Yes
Motor Brushless, 36V/250W Rear Motor
Max Speed 15 mph (24.1 km/h)
Front Brake TEKTRO Disc Brake
Rear Brake TEKTRO V Brake
Tyre Size Kenda™ 26", 26 x 1.95"
Gear Hub Shimano™ Nexus 7 Speed
Rider Weight 127Kgs (20 Stone)
Handlebar Display LED Display with 3 Level PAS Speed, Power Switch and Battery Indicator
Other Features Include LED Headlight & Tail Light, PVC Mudguard, Chain Guard, Free Tool Bag, Panier Rack, Walk Assist, Battery Charger



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Excellent service, really fast delivery. Brilliant product that works perfectly and does what it says on the tin and more.


This bike is amazing – from the sharp but smooth brakes, to the grippy tyres, to the long-lasting battery – I’ve been impressed with it all. One small criticism could be that the pedals are a little small, however, I do play centre-midfield and have really big feet, so that could have something to do with it lol.


Bought this for my wife for a retirement present and I’m thinking of treating myself to one too. We’re not able to get too much exercise nowadays but this bike gives the perfect amount of assistance to help us on our way. I might even sell the Jaguar at this rate!!!!


This bike makes it so much easier to get around with my bad knee. Previously I was relegated to taxis and buses as I cannot drive or ride a normal bike. However, this bike gives me the perfect amount of assistance to take the strain away from pedalling, and now I can get around the city with relative ease. Thank-you pluginbikes!!!


Have had the dutch bike in blue for a few weeks now and I must say I’m over the moon with how easy it is to use and how useful it is! Commuting to work and back is a breeze now because it takes away the sweatiness and lets me get to work feeling invigorated. It’s also pretty portable too – it feels light enough to lift without feeling flimsy so I can pop it in my car too!


I can ride this bike wherever as the wheels are a decent size so I can traverse muddy fields if I need to. The motor is fantastic as it takes the strain away from some of the steeper hills, but if I fancy a challenge then the gears work brilliantly too. Very happy.


This bike is the best of the best. Cannot believe how much easier it is with a motor on the back to push you around, it’s like having a silent motorbike that I don’t need to pay for petrol for!


I must say, I was rather apprehensive buying an “e-bike” for the first time. However, my concerns were unfounded as it works absolutely perfectly. Riding around on this bicycle has been a dream, whether it has been tested on the roads of Leicester, or coasting around the Leicestershire and Derbyshire countryside. I have recommended this bike to all my friends that cycle too, as making the switch from a regular bike to an electric one makes so much sense for us older gents.


This is a really good looking bike that gives a really comfortable ride. The motor is super quiet so it feels like I’m riding a normal bike that I can be a bit lazy on! Would definitely recommend!


The sky blue coloured vintage bike looks lovely and handles very well. I am particularly happy with the brakes and gears, as I had a feeling that the real effort would’ve gone into the bike, so I’m happy that these feel pretty premium too.


A friend of mine brough a bike from here a year ago and its been great. I got mine a few weeks ago in the blue colour and its a really beautiful looking bike. Seat is comfortable and the motor is very smooth when it kicks in. Took me an hour to get used to it. Assembly is easy but I still found it hard! Overall very happy with the fast delivery and service. Would recommend!


I love this bike so much it’s absolutely perfect for riding around the countryside near where I live because the motor pushes me up the hill so I’m not as tired any more and I can now ride for much longer. It’s also great when I ride across fields too.