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Vintage Dutch Style Electric Bike Black 26" Wheels (No Basket)

Vintage Dutch Style Electric Bike Black 26" Wheels (No Basket)

Product Review (submitted on 6 January 2020):
A review of Mirrorstone bike after five months use. I get compliments about the bike from riders on some very expensive road bikes when out and about. This bike continues to be a constant joy to ride. I have added a seat post suspension post bought off Amazon, however, the actual travel seems only 15mm so maybe the one on sale at Halfords could be a better bet at GBP20.

I had my first puncture in the rear tyre just before Christmas and found the following issues, so learn from these observations;
The 18mm spanner in the supplied tool kit would not budge one of the nuts. Buy a ring spanner and make sure it works.
Make sure you turn off the power supply before doing any work, nothing worse than the bike flying off the stand when you turn the pedal in pedalec mode.
Getting the rear wheel back into the lugs is quite a hard job. Remove the battery to reduce the weight of the bike while trying to relocate the wheel axle into the lugs.
The chain also gets in the way of getting the axle into the lugs, I used a reusable electrician tie to hold the chain out of the way by tying it to the mudguard stay.
It was not easy repairing the puncture in daylight, and I would say next to impossible at night. (I have been riding bikes for over 40 years). So have a backup plan if you ride the back at night. In Amsterdam they have a bike AA system shame it doesn’t seem to exist where I live.

After about 300km I started to get chain off issues. This was caused by cable stretch so re-index the STI gearing by turning the adjuster near the gearing by about 1/4 or 1/2 turn (see Youtube for guidance). To get the chain back on the chainwheel I have found the easiest way is to hold the chain at the bottom of the chain wheel in the teeth and turn the pedals backward.

Lastly a big thank you to Mirrorstone for the way they handled my faulty battery at the beginning of my ownership.