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Complete with a cherry red coating, this sleek MS4000 Red Vintage Electric Scooter from Mirrorstone is sure to wow your family and friends.

Perfect for cruising around town, to work or college, this motorised moped is equipped with modern mirrors, slender handles and a leather seat for added comfort.

Powered by a 40ah battery, you can travel in style whilst being incredibly eco-friendly too!

If the red finish isn’t for you, take a look at our White, Sky Blue and Silver options.

Feel The Full Power

The maximum power of this e-scooter is a whopping 4000W and it is one of the most powerful we sell. Unlike our pedal assist bikes, your moped is run purely from the motor and can reach maximum speeds of 46.6mph (75kph) to help you get around faster.

Not to forget that you can simply whizz past traffic too!

Take A Brake

Not only do our adult scooters help you to take a break from driving or other forms of transport, they do so safely.

Fit with front and rear disc brakes, these reinforced brakes reduce the risk of overheating, are perfect for any weather and allow for easier steering.

Built To Last

Each of our Mirrorstone MS4000 e-scooters are fit with two 120/70-12. Designed to look super chic, these tyres are built to last.

With added grip and surviving the rain or cold, they will allow you to ride whenever, wherever!

Ride The Range

Coming to you with a 72v 5A/220v battery, you can charge your scooter from home.

With one full charge, you will be able to travel up to 40m which is fab for a commuter.

Lasting 800 charge cycles, it will be years until the performance of your battery starts to decrease.

Laws To Remember

Unlike a car, our scooters require zero Road Tax. However, you will need to have insurance cover and obtain an MOT certificate after 3 years of ownership.

To be able to ride a scooter, you will need to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) which is valid for 2 years. Once this runs out, you will need to renew it or upgrade to a full motorcycle license.

Please be advised you must wear a helmet when riding and be over 16 years of age. It is also illegal to take a moped onto a motorway.

You are able to send the electric scooter back to us within 14-days of purchase if you don’t get along. However, we are absolutely unable to take it back once it is registered to you with the DVLA.

Covering Your Scooter

You needn't worry about your electric moped in the longer term either - the motor, controller, light and battery made by LG are all covered by an 18 month warranty, whilst the frame of the scooter is covered by a massive 24 month warranty. Everything else comes with a 1 year warranty as standard.

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Additional Information

Product Code (UPC/EAN) MS4000-RED
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Frame Weight 76kg
Range 40m (65km)
Recharge Cycles 800 cycles
Charger Type 72v 5A/220v 50-60hz
Battery 72v 40ah
Max Power 4000W
Max Speed 46.6mph (75kph)
Brakes F & R Disc Brakes
Tyre Size 120/70-12
Controller 72v 70ah Discharge
Rider Weight 100kg
Climbing Slope 25°



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